Customer Survey Guide (Free Big Zax Snak)

So you went to Zaxby’s! And you noticed they are offering a BOGO Deal for a FREE Big Zax Snak, for taking their survey at and let’s be honest who wouldn’t love a deal like that?! 

I mean for only $8.89 you will end up with 2 meals, consisting of 3 of the most delish hand breaded Chicken Fingerz, Zax Sauce, Texas Toast, Crinkle Cut Fries and a Drink! That’s a lot of food! So let’s get into how you can claim this deal!

What is is a Guest Experience Survey designed by Zaxby’s to get real honest feedback from customers like you and I, to learn more about what our experiences are like when we visit our local Zaxby’s locations. They want to know what changes they should be making, what improvements they could be adding and how they are doing overall! And the best way to learn these things is to hear from the people who matter the most, CUSTOMERS!!!

Who can take the survey?

Anyone 13 years of age or older is able to participate in the survey 🙂

How long will it take?

The survey will take about 4 minutes to complete, it’s really a pretty short survey and it has one of the best rewards you can get!

What do I need to do?

This is a short list of the steps when taking the survey.

  1. Visit Zaxby’s and make a purchase (of any amount)
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Within 14 days go to 
  4. Enter the Survey Code printed on your receipt
  5. Answer questions and rate your visit honestly
  6. Submit your survey
  7. Write down your Validation Code on the receipt
  8. Redeem your Code at Zaxby’s within 14 days
  9. Keep your new receipt
  10. Repeat as needed!

Are there any limits?

The limitations for this deal include;

  • Can not be combined with other deals/offers
  • One code per visit/per customer
  • Valid only on Big Zax Snak Meal
  • Must be used within 14 days of completing the survey

What will they be asking?

During the survey you will be asked a series of standard Guest Experience Survey questions, they will include questions about customer service, cleanliness of the store, taste and temperature of your food, if you were satisfied overall and if you would return/ recommend them to others.

From here I will give you several examples from the survey to show you what you can expect to see while taking the survey. I will also show you what the final screen with the Validation Code looks like, when you see that screen you know you have successfully finished the survey!

First go to 

Enter the Survey Code printed on your receipt

Rate your overall experience from your most recent visit to Zaxby’s

Rate the different aspects of your order.

In your own words let them know what they could be doing better and/or what they did well!

You will see this screen during your survey asking if you would be willing to answer more questions (depending on what you order they will ask different questions) but if you select yes the survey will take an additional 2-4 minutes. It is optional you can click NO and receive your code right away.

The final questions are just to learn your age and how often you visit Zaxbys. Once you tap Next you will be taken to the Validation Code page.

When you get to this page be sure to write your Validation Code on your receipt, you will need to present your receipt to the cashier when you go to redeem your offer!

That’s it!

And that is all it takes to earn yourself an awesome BOGO deal! For a little bit of time you can save yourself $8.89, whether you are ordering for 2 or just yourself to have an extra meal for later, it is a deal you just can’t pass up! 

I hope I have helped answer any questions you may have had, and I hope I have encouraged you to head over to and take that survey for yourself!

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