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If you haven’t been to Whataburger recently or maybe you haven’t taken a closer look at your receipt, you may not have realized that Whataburger has a Customer Feedback Survey. On the receipt you will find an invitation to visit www.WhataburgerVisit.com and enter the survey code printed on their receipt to earn yourself a FREE Whataburger at your next visit to Whataburger! I don’t know about you but whenever someone is offering me a FREE burger I’m inclined to accept that offer!

What is the Whataburger survey for?

The Whataburger survey is a customer feedback survey aimed to engage guests that have recently visited a Whataburger restaurant by asking them to provide ratings, feedback and answer questions about their overall experience during their visit.

Why would they give away FREE burgers?

Whataburger cares about their guests’ thoughts and opinions. They want to encourage as many of their customers as possible to participate in their survey so they can learn what they are doing right and where they need to make changes! And what better way to encourage you than to offer a FREE burger?!

How long will the survey take?

The survey should take between 4-6 minutes, not long at all!

Are there any rules?

Yes! There are a few rules to participate, you must be 14 years of age or older and a legal citizen of the United States. You are not eligible to participate if you are an employee of Whataburger, immediate family of an employee or a member of the same household as an employee.

What are the steps to take the survey?

  1. Make a visit to Whataburger and make a purchase
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Within 3 days go to www.WhataburgerVisit.com
  4. Enter your 16 digit survey code (printed on your receipt)
  5. Begin the survey
  6. Answers questions and rate your experience honestly
  7. Submit your survey
  8. Take note of your Validation Code (write it on your receipt)
  9. Redeem your code on your next visit! (within 30 days from your visit)
  10. That’s it!!!

What will they do with my info?

Any information they receive from your survey will be used to improve food, stores, customer service, wait times and more! If Whataburger runs another Sweepstakes (they do sometimes) you will be asked at the end of the survey if you would like to be entered into their Sweepstakes, and will then be asked for your contact information in case you are a winner. That information is used for contact purposes only, it will never be sold or shared without your consent!

Let’s take it together?

From here I will take you step by step through the survey, I will show you what types of questions you will be asked and what you will be asked to rate! The survey is subject to change at any time so your survey might vary slightly from mine.

Locate your 16 digit Survey Code

Go to www.WhataburgerVisit.com

Enter the Survey Code printed on your receipt 

Select your dining experience

Rate your overall satisfaction for your visit

Rate your satisfaction for each aspect of your visit

Rate if you used the website, the taste of your food and the value for what you paid

Did you have any issues during your visit?

Will you be returning soon? Would you recommend them to others?

In your own words let them know what you think they could do better and/or what they should keep doing!

Did you customize your order?

What was the main thing you ordered for yourself?

How many times have you visited Whataburger in the past month?

Remember to take note of your Validation Code by writing it on your receipt! Be sure to redeem within 14 days of completing your survey!

And that’s all there is to it!

That’s it! That’s all there is to it! Short, sweet and to the point! Nothing crazy and a pretty decent reward for just a few minutes of your time! 

Remember to keep your receipts, take that survey within 3 days of your visit and be sure to redeem your code within 30 days of your visit! 

I hope my little guide has helped answer most of your questions, and has maybe also encouraged you to take the survey for yourself! Because I mean who doesn’t love a FREE burger!!!
If you have any further questions about the survey or about Whataburger Restaurants you can contact them by clicking here

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