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One of my all time favorite shoe brands has always been VANS Old Skool Canvas, there are a few things about them that keep me coming back time after time. They (IMO) look great, fit great and they last and last. All excellent qualities for a shoe right!? Well if you love Vans the way I do, you might be excited to hear that right now VANS is running Sweepstakes for a chance to win a Free Pair of Custom Design Shoes!

How do I sign up?

To sign up for the Sweepstakes you will have a couple options.

Option 1: After completing any transaction (including a purchase or return) at a participating VANS retail store or VANS Outlet retail store, you will receive an invitation to participate in a survey. This invitation will be printed on the VANS receipt. You must log on to the URL provided on the receipt and complete the Survey within 7 days from the date of transaction. 

After completing the Survey, you will be asked if you wish to enter the Promotion. If you are eligible and wish to participate in the Promotion, you will need to enter the requested information, which may include, but is not limited to: complete first and last name (initials are not permitted), valid email address, complete street address (P.O. Boxes are not accepted), city, state, ZIP Code, telephone number and birthdate. 

After entering this information,you need to click on the submit button to receive 1 entry into the Sweepstakes. 

Limit 1 entry per receipt. Purchase or other transaction must be made in-store.

Option 2:  This entry method is for those who have not made a purchase or other transaction. Under this method of entry, during the Promotion, visit  and follow the steps to receive an entry into a Sweepstakes, including providing the requested registration information. 

Who can enter?

The Sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the USA or Canada who are at least 18 years of age, you will NOT be eligible if you, your immediate family or members of the same household are employees of the VANS company or any of their affiliate companies.

What about the prizes?

Each Sweepstakes Period, 66 Winners will each receive a digital code redeemable at for the design of a custom pair of shoes valued up to $85, including shipping. Actual retail value of each Prize is up to $85. If the actual value of the prize is less than $85, the winner will not receive the difference in cash or otherwise; but, if the actual value of prize exceeds $85, the winner will be responsible for additional cost. Limit: 1 prize per person throughout the Promotion Period.

How will I know if I win? 

Winners will be notified by email, using the contact information provided at the time of entry. VANS will provide the digital code directly to the Winner within 6 to 8 weeks of the Winner notification. VANS will ship the Prize directly to the Winner within 6 to 8 weeks of the redemption of the digital code at 

Should I take the survey?

If you are wondering whether you should take the survey, I would say heck yeah! Everytime you make a purchase or any other transaction at a VANS Store you will receive a receipt for your visit, that will give you the info you need to take a survey, and that means if you make multiple visits to VANS you will be able to take multiple surveys, so you will receive more entries in the Sweepstakes!!! When you fill out the online form without taking the survey you are only allowed 1 entry total 🙁 

What steps are there for the survey?

This is just a quick list of the steps when taking the survey 🙂 

  1. Visit a VANS store and make a transaction
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Within 7 days go to
  4. Enter the info printed on your receipt
  5. Complete the survey 
  6. Fill out the contact form
  7. Submit your Survey
  8. Check your email regularly (in case you win!)
  9. Repeat whenever you have a new receipt
  10. That’s it!

What will the survey ask?

The VANS Off the Wall Customer Satisfaction Survey will ask you to rate different aspects of your visit, you will need to rate them on a scale of 1-10. I will show you some examples of what the survey looks like and some of the things you will be rating, I will also show you what the contact form looks like and what the screen will show when you have successfully been entered into the Sweepstakes 🙂 

First go to 

Select your language and tap Next/Siguiente/Suivante

Look at the Receipt Samples and determine which receipt you have, after you have determined which receipt you have, enter the requested information and tap Submit

The Survey consists of 54 questions/ratings, rate on the scale of 1-10 all the aspects of your most recent visit to VANS 🙂 

Once you have completed the survey you will be asked to provide your current contact information, be sure to provide accurate information! And be sure to tap Submit don’t want to accidentally close the window before you have entered! If you are selected as a winner your digital code will be emailed to you and will expire in 12 months! If you do not claim your code in that time frame you will not get those custom shoes 🙁 

Once you have successfully been entered into the Sweepstakes you will see this screen! 🙂 

That’s it!

And that’s all there is to it! Just remember if you have a VANS receipt head over to and fill out that survey within 7 days of your visit for an entry for some really cool custom design shoes! 

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