– Wendy’s Customer Survey (Win $500)

Wendy’s is currently inviting customers to take the customer survey to receive a discount coupon PLUS a chance to win $500!

In this post I’m going to dive into the details of this survey and some tips and tricks to get the most out of it.

Let’s get started!

Wendy’s has become one of GO TO places for a quick meal on a budget! They offer some of the best food for the best price you can find right now! My current favorite is the 4 for $4 baggie deal! It’s really the perfect size for me and BONUS it’s not super expensive! It includes a Jr. Cheeseburger, Small Fry, 4 piece nugget AND a Small drink! All for only $4!!!

So when I noticed on my receipt that they are currently offering $2 off any premium combo for participating in their online survey, I was pretty excited (I love taking surveys AND saving money) Plus at the end of the survey you have the opportunity to enter into a $500 cash Sweepstakes!

What is TalktoWendy’s ?

TalktoWendy’s is the Wendy’s online customer feedback survey that Wendy’s uses to improve their guests overall dining experience by making changes where needed or keeping things that way they are if that is what their guests are telling them during the survey!

Who can take the survey?

You must be 13 years of age or older, and a legal US resident to participate in the Survey. Employees of Wendy’s, their immediate family and/or members of the same household are not eligible to participate.

Is the reward always the same?

No! The reward for taking the survey changes regularly, in the past it has been a FREE Frosty, a FREE Daves Single or a FREE Chicken sandwich. With how often it changes it’s a good idea to check your receipt regularly!

What do they do with my info?

Wendy’s uses any information you provide to improve their restaurants for guest like you and I. Any personal information you may provide is used only for contact purposes; it is never sold or shared!

What steps are required?

  1. Make a purchase at your local Wendy’s
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Go to within 7 days of your visit
  4. Enter the requested information found on your receipt
  5. Begin the survey
  6. Answer questions and rate your visit honestly
  7. Submit your survey
  8. Take note of your validation code by printing it on your receipt
  9. Redeem your coupon within 14 days of completing the survey
  10. That’s it!

Is it hard to redeem your code?

No! Just present your receipt with your code written on it to your cashier and they will honor it!

Is there a limit?

Unfortunately, yes there is a limit to how many codes you can use. It is limited to one per person per month.

What can I expect while taking the survey?

From here I will walk you through taking the survey step by step and show you what the survey should look like and what sort of questions you may be asked (the survey is subject to change at anytime so it may vary)

Go to

Enter the restaurant number, date and time of visit.

Confirm therestaurant location from your visit.

What dining experience did you have?

Rate your overall experience.

How did you place your order?

Rate your satisfaction!

Rate the value of your order.

Did you have any problems?

Will you be returning soon?

In your own words let them know what they could do better or what they did right!

How often do you visit Wendy’s?

What did you order?

How old are you?

Household income?

This is where you are given a chance to enter into a sweepstakes for $500 cash

It is a pretty long survey so be aware that it will take a pretty good amount more time but it is a pretty good sweepstakes offer!!!

Make sure to take note of your validation code by writing it on your receipt!

If you chose to participate in the longer survey you will be redirected to a page that looks like this.

After completing the pretty lengthy survey you will be asked to provide your contact information, be sure you DO NOT click the box saying “I do not wish to enter the sweepstakes” 

They will also offer you a chance to become a member of their customer panel where you would receive exclusive offers and other information from Wendy’s 

If you chose yes they will ask you to confirm your email.

That’s it!!!

And that’s pretty much it! I hope this guide has shown you what you can expect while taking the TalktoWendy’s survey and also helped answer some questions you may have had! I hope you choose to take the survey and earn yourself that reward!

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