– Papa Murphy’s Customer Survey (20% Off Coupon)

Papa Murphy’s, the quickest in and out option in the world of fresh pizza, is currently offering a really great and also unique deal if you are willing to take their Customer Satisfaction Survey! 

For just a few minutes of your time you will be given the choice of one of two coupon options, you can choose a $3 Off a Large Pizza coupon OR 20% Off your total Cart Value! Both those coupons are excellent values!

Let’s be honest, Papa Murphy’s is already one of the best places to go when you are looking to get fast fresh made pizzas at a great price, and one of the things that make them even better is you can grab your pizzas, pop them in your fridge and make them in your own oven whenever you’re ready to eat! I know they have made dinners on Friday nights easier for me on more than one occasion! 

Why do they have a survey?

Papa Murphy’s has created their own Customer Satisfaction Survey so they can hear from customers like you and I, so we are able to tell them what our visits to their stores are like, what they could be doing better, if their employees are doing the best they can and if their pizza meets our expectations. 

When they learn about all these things from us they are able to make changes and improvements to how their stores operate and also ways they can improve things like product quality or customer service.

Who can take the survey?

Anyone who has made a recent visit to Papa Murphy’s (within 3 days) with a valid receipt is able to take the survey!

How long does the survey take?

The survey takes about 5 minutes to complete.

Are there exclusions?

Coupons apply to the purchase of regularly priced items online and in-store within 30 days of taking the survey. The coupons exclude FAVES®, XLNY® and Specials. They are also not valid with any other offers, promotions, or discounts.

What do I have to do to take the survey?

Below is a short list of the steps for taking the survey.

  1. Make a purchase at Papa Murphy’s
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Within 3 days go to
  4. Enter the requested information printed on your receipt
  5. Begin survey
  6. Answer questions and rate you visit honestly
  7. Submit survey
  8. Select which coupon you would like to receive
  9. Select how you would like to receive it (email, text, printed)
  10. Redeem you coupon within 30 days

Is it hard to redeem the coupon?

No! It is really easy to redeem your coupon, you can redeem your coupon either by making an online order and entering the coupon code during checkout OR you can present your coupon to the cashier in store at the time of purchase and they will honor the coupon 🙂 

What will the survey ask?

From here I will show you what the survey will look like and what types of questions and ratings you can expect to see while taking the survey yourself. Surveys change regularly so your survey may look slightly different.

Go to

Enter the requested information, that is printed on your receipt and tap the Start button

Rate your overall experience for you most recent visit to Papa Murphy’s

Rate how you felt about the portion size, amount of toppings and how well it baked at home.

Did you feel like what you paid was a good value?

Will you be back soon? Would you recommend Papa Murphy’s to others?

In your own words tell Papa Murphy’s what you think they could be doing better and/or tell them what you think they did well!

How would you like to receive your coupon?

Which coupon would you like?

Success! Your survey was submitted! I chose the option to have my coupon emailed to me, be sure to check your promotions and/or spam email folders if you also selected this option! If you chose for the Coupon to be shown on the next page be sure you either print that page and/or write that code on your receipt! 

This is what the email from Papa Murphy’s should look like.

That’s it!

And that is all I have for you! This offer from Papa Murphy’s is definitely one you don’t want to miss out on! It is a great way to save on fresh delicious pizza! 

So remember, check those receipts and don’t miss out on those great deals!

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