Old Navy Feedback Customer Survey (Get a 10% Off Coupon)

Let’s talk about one of the best stores out there for stylish affordable clothings for the whole family and their fantastic deals, and that store is 100% Old Navy! When it comes to finding stylish clothes for the whole family and keeping things affordable there are not many stores that can compete with Old Navy. And when Old Navy runs those deals they have become known for those price tags are even better! So if you notice an invite on your receipt to take their Customer Satisfaction Survey for a 10% Off Coupon you can’t pass it up can you?!

What is a Customer Survey?

The Old Navy Customer Satisfaction Survey, Survey.Medallia.com/OldNavy-Feedback is the most recent tool created by Old Navy to engage with customers like you and I, to hear from real customers about their most recent shopping experiences. Old Navy wants to know how they are doing and what they could be doing better to make your shopping experience as great as possible! 

Why take a survey?

Currently if you take the survey you may be eligible for a 10% Off Coupon (depending on your location) but even if your Old Navy location isn’t offering the 10% Off Coupon, it is still important to give you honest feedback when you can. It ensures that businesses know what their customers would like to see change during their shopping experiences.

How to take the survey

This is a short list of the steps you will need to take the survey.

  1. Visit your local Old Navy
  2. Make a purchase
  3. Keep your receipt
  4. Within 5 days go to Survey.Medallia.com/OldNavy-Feedback 
  5. Enter the requested info printed on your receipt
  6. Begin Survey
  7. Answer questions and rate your visit honestly
  8. Submit your survey
  9. Take note of your Validation Code (write it on your receipt)
  10. Redeem your 10% Off Coupon within 3 Months

Are there limitations?

The 10% Off Coupon is NOT valid at OldNavy.com, it applies to merchandise only (no gift cards), it cannot be combined with other offers (no other coupons or sales)

How long is the Survey?

The survey will take about 2-4 minutes to complete, depending on if you choose to answer more questions when given the option!

What will they ask?

You may be wondering what types of questions you will need to answer, fret not! The questions on the survey are very short and basic questions asking about the store, employees and products. I will give you examples of what the survey will look like and the types of questions you will see 🙂 

First go to Survey.Medallia.com/OldNavy-Feedback 

Enter the requested information printed on your receipt and tap Next

Rate your most recent visit to Old Navy honestly, and in your own words let them know why you gave them that score. You will have the option to answer more questions if you would like too. The questions will ask more specific questions about what you purchased, if you used a dressing room, the customer service you received and how quick your checkout was 🙂 

When you see this screen be sure to write your Validation Code on your receipt (you will need to present your original receipt to the cashier) and be sure to keep track of that receipt!

That’s it!

And that’s all there is to it! Pretty simple right?! Hope this has helped answer any questions you may have had and has encouraged you to take this survey and more! Happy Survey taking!

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