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When I think of Wawa, the first thing I think of is “Roadtrip!” because Wawa is the place to stop for the best drinks and snacks before a long day on the road! Wawa has pretty much anything you can think of when it comes to road trip necessities and if you live close to a Wawa, you know they also have some of the best lunch menu items in their stores too! 

One of the things Wawa is known for is their Hoagies! They have some of the tastiest Hoagies out there and you can choose to have one made fresh to order or if you’re in a hurry you can grab a premade one from one of their coolers! If you are a fan of Wawa and you also love those Hoagies then you will love the current Sweepstakes Wawa is running! If you take the Wawa Customer Satisfaction Survey at you will be given an entry for a chance to win One YEAR of FREE Hoagies!

Why are they offering Free Hoagies?

Wawa is offering a chance to win One Year of Free Hoagies in their Sweepstake as a reward for taking their online Customer Satisfaction Survey! They want to engage with their customers to learn how they can better serve customers like you and I when we visit our local Wawa locations! Wawa wants to know how they can improve their products, stores and customer service so everyone enjoys their visits!

Who can enter the Sweepstakes?

Anyone who is 18 years of age or older and who is also a legal citizen of the US is able to enter. Employees, their immediate families and/or their immediate household members are NOT able to enter the Sweepstakes. 

How many prizes will be given out?

There will be one winner selected each month, you will need to enter the Sweepstakes each month if you would like a chance at winning, entries do not carry over into the following months.

What steps are to take the survey?

This is a short list of the steps you will need to take when taking the survey.

  1. Go to you local Wawa
  2. Make a purchase or find a QR code to scan
  3. Keep your receipt if you make a purchase
  4. Go to (within 7 days of your visit)
  5. Enter the survey code and store number printed on your receipt
  6. Click next to begin the survey
  7. Answer questions and rate your visit honestly 
  8. Enter your current/ correct contact information (in case you win!)
  9. Submit your survey
  10. Repeat each time you visit Wawa to increase your odds of winning!

What will they do with my info?

Wawa will use any information you provide for research purposes only, your information will never be sold or shared without your consent!

How long does the survey take?

It takes about 5 minutes to complete 🙂 

Do you need to make a purchase to enter?

No you do not need to make a purchase to enter! Just keep an eye out for  the QR code found posted at participating stores, once you scan the QR code with your phone you will be directed to the survey page where you can complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey and earn your entry into the sweepstakes.

What questions will they be asking?

I will show you what the MyWawaVisit survey will look like and what types of questions and ratings you can expect to see when taking the survey yourself!

Go to

Enter your Survey Code and Store Number printed on your receipt. Then tap the Next button to begin the survey.

What day of the week and what time of the day did you visit Wawa?

Rate your overall experience during your most recent visit to Wawa.

Rate the staff, taste of the items you purchased, cleanliness of the store and speed of checkout.

In your own words let them know what they could have done to make you visit better, or what they did that made you enjoy your visit 🙂 

Would you like to be entered for a chance to win Free Hoagies for a Year or other prizes? YES!!!

Enter your current/ correct contact information (in case you are drawn as a winner) if Wawa is unable to reach you, your winning will be given to another name from the drawing!

Success! You have been entered into the sweepstakes! Be sure to repeat whenever you visit Wawa to increase your odds of winning!

And that’s all there is!

So that pretty much sums up the process of entering the MyWawaVisit sweepstakes, I hope I have answered most of your questions! But let’s do a quick recap!

  • Be sure to keep your receipt or scan a QR code when you make a trip to Wawa
  • If using a receipt to take the survey do so within 7 days
  • Be sure to use you correct contact information
  • Rinse and repeat as necessary 🙂 

Happy survey taking!

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