McDonald’s Survey:

Complete the McDonald’s Customer Survey at and receive a coupon for a BOGO FREE Sandwich.

If you’ve visited McDonald’s recently, you are invited to participate in their customer survey and receive a coupon for a BOGO FREE Sandwich! Let’s dive into the details of this survey.

What is McDVoice?

McDVoice is McDonald’s online customer satisfaction survey, where they ask their guests to answer questions about and rate their recent visits to their local McDonald’s restaurants. They hope to use your feedback to better improve the overall guest experience while ordering and eating at any of the McDonald’s locations across the US! They also want to reward you for your help improving their restaurants by offering a BOGO deal on any Sandwich of equal or lesser value!

Who can take the survey?

You must be 13 years of age or older, a legal resident of the US and have a valid/ recent receipt with a survey code from a visit to McDonald’s to participate in the McDVoice survey. Employees of McDonalds, their immediate family and/or members of the same household are not eligible to participate.

How long does the survey take?

It takes between 5 -7 minutes to complete the survey. 

What steps are the steps for taking the survey?

  1. Visit your local McDonald’s and make a purchase
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Within 7 days go to
  4. Enter your Survey code
  5. Begin the survey
  6. Answer questions and rate your experience honestly
  7. Submit your survey
  8. Take note of your Validation Code by writing it on your receipt
  9. Redeem your code at your next visit to McDonald’s (within 30 days)
  10. That’s it!

What will Mcdonald’s do with my info?

Any information you provide will be used to better improve the guest experiences at McDonald’s restaurants. Any personal information you may provide will only be used as a way to contact you, it will never be sold or shared!

Is it hard to redeem a code?

NO!!! It is very easy to redeem your code! Just present your receipt with your code written on it to your cashier on your next visit to McDonald’s (within 30 days of taking the survey) and they will honor it!

What types of questions will I be asked?

In this next section I will go through the survey step by step to show you what sorts of questions and ratings you will be asked to answer and/or provide! 

Go to

Enter the survey code located on your receipt (within 7 days of your visit)

Tap start and begin the survey

If your receipt does not have a survey code that’s okay! Tap the link at the bottom right of the page and you will be taken to a page where you can enter the information it asks for on your receipt!

How did you place your order?

What was your dining experience?

Rate your overall experience from your most recent visit to McDonald’s.

Are you a McDonald’s rewards member?

Were you asked if you used the app?

Rate your satisfaction for the different aspects of your visit.

Rate how it tasted, the speed in which you received it and the value for what your ordered.

I was given the wrong items during my visit, so I was asked why I wasn’t satisfied.

What sort of items did you order?

Which specific items did you order?

Again which specific items were ordered?

What was the quality of the items you ordered?

Did you have a problem?

Where you satisfied with how it was resolved?

They wanted me to clarify what the issue with my order was.

Will you be returning soon? Would you recommend them?

In your own words, let them know what you think they could do better!

Were you asked to pull forward?

Which Fast Food Restaurant is your favorite?

Is McDonald’s a brand you trust?

Enter your demographic info

That’s it!!! Don’t forget to take note of your validation code by writing it on your receipt!!!

We’ve reached the end!!!

And that’s all there is to it! Not too bad for a pretty decent reward at the end! If you still have feedback you would like to give to McDonald’s without participating in the McDVoice survey feel free to visit TellMcDonald’s if you have more questions you can contact McDonald’s by clicking here 

I hope this little guide has helped answer most of your questions and has also encouraged you to take the survey and earn yourself a pretty good BOGO deal!!!

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