Customer Satisfaction Survey (Win $5,000 GC)

Been to The Home Depot recently? Notice an interesting offer on the bottom of your receipt? I know I did! Right now Home Depot is offering one entry into their $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card Sweepstakes if you participate in their online Customer Satisfaction Survey at 

If you are like me, DIY home repair/ improvement is something I absolutely love and The Home Depot is one of my main go to home improvement stores, so a chance to win a $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card sounds fantastic to me! Think of all the projects! 

Why a survey?

You may be wondering, “Why do they want me to participate in a survey?” The answer is fairly simple actually, the reason many companies decide to create Customer Satisfaction Surveys is because it is one of the best ways out there to engage with customers and gain their honest feedback about their experiences while shopping at their stores. The Home Depot wants to learn ways they could be improving the shopping experience for customers like you and I!

Why a Sweepstakes?

The main reason for offering a Sweepstakes is, because it gives customers an incentive to take the time and participate in their Customer Satisfaction Survey. Let’s be honest, if you aren’t offered an incentive would you be willing to take time out of your day to take their survey?

How long is the survey?

The survey takes about 5-7 minutes to complete 🙂 

Who can participate?

Since this survey is also a Sweepstakes you will need to be 18 years of age or older, a legal citizen of the United States. You will not be eligible to participate if you are an employee of The Home Depot, an immediate family member of an employee or live in the same household as an employee.

What are the steps?

This is a short list of the steps for taking the survey and entering the Sweepstakes.

  1. Go to The Home Depot and make a purchase
  2. Keep your receipt 
  3. Within 14 days go to  
  4. Enter the User ID and Password printed on your receipt
  5. Answer questions and rate your visit honestly
  6. Select YES when asked if you would like to enter the Sweepstakes
  7. Provide your correct/current contact information (in case you win)
  8. Submit your survey/entry
  9. Repeat each time you have a new receipt
  10. That’s it!

How often can you enter?

Each time you have a new receipt from The Home Depot you will be provided a new User ID and Password that will gain you access to the survey again and will also earn you another entry into the Sweepstakes! Remember your odds of winning will be better with more entries so be sure to save those receipts!

Mail in Entry

To enter the Sweepstakes without completing the Survey you may enter by mail as follows:

On a 3″ x 5″ card, legibly handprint or type your first name, last name, e-mail address, telephone number (including area code), and consumer category (either Consumer or Pro) and mail your 3” x 5” card in a business size envelope to: 

ASC/ Home Depot 2024 Q2 U.S. Customer Satisfaction Sweepstakes

PO Box 430

Macedon, NY 14502-0430

What will be asked?

During the Survey you will be asked to rate your most recent visit to The Home Depot, the questions will be typical of most surveys they will include questions like:

“How convenient was this location?”

“How would you compare The Home Depot to other home improvement stores?”

“Was the store neat and clean?”

From here I will show you what you can expect to see when taking the survey. I will give you some examples of what the survey will look like, some questions you will see, what the contact information form looks like and what the screen will look like when you have successfully been entered into the survey!

Go to

Enter your zip code and tap Next

Enter your User ID and Password printed on your receipt and tap Next

Rate how convenient the location was for you.

Did you enjoy your visit when compared to other stores?

In your own words let them know why you rated them that way.

Was the store clean? Were things in stock? Were the employees friendly?

Be sure to fill out the contact form correctly and DO NOT click the checkbox that says “Do Not Wish to Enter Sweepstakes”

Success!!! When you see this pop up on your screen you have been entered into the Sweepstakes!!!

That’s all there is to it! 

And that’s it! Pretty quick, fairly simple and a really great prize! Definitely worth the few minutes it takes to complete! I hope I have helped answer most of the questions you might have had, and I hope you take the survey and earn yourself that entry for a $5,000 Home Depot Gift Card!!!

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