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If there is one thing I know for sure about Five Guys, it is that they are pretty expensive in the world of greasy burger joints. So while they are offering a chance to win one of ten $50 Gift Cards during their monthly Sweepstakes drawings, for participating in their customer satisfaction survey at , I will definitely be putting in my entry! 

Five Guys Survey:

You may be wondering, why does Five Guys have a survey at all? Well, like most companies Five Guys is trying to learn from their customers what they could be doing better to make your visits more enjoyable, or what they could do to make you want to visit them more often! I know for me I would probably visit more frequently if they would lower the prices a bit and if they were to make the dining area more inviting/ comfortable to sit and enjoy your food.

How to enter: 

There are two ways to enter.

Method #1: Survey Entry. 

During the Sweepstakes, you will receive a specially-marked receipt at Five Guys that will have instructions inviting you to visit  within 30 days to complete the customer satisfaction survey and submit it to receive one entry into the Sweepstakes. 

Method #2: Mail-In Entry. 

To enter without making a purchase at a Five Guys or without completing the survey, mail a postcard, including your name, complete address, email address and phone number to the following address to receive one entry into the Sweepstakes: 

Five Guys Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes

 PO Box 728

 Social Circle, GA 30025-728

Each Mail-In Entry must be mailed separately and must be postmarked and received by the date indicated in the chart below, to be eligible for that Survey Period drawing. 

Survey Periods: 

There are twelve Survey Periods shown in the chart below. 

Entries must be received during the Survey Period to be eligible for that Survey.

Survey Period
Entry PeriodStart Date: 12:00:00 AM ET onEntry PeriodEnd Date: 11:59:59 PM ETMail-In EntryReceived By Date:Survey PeriodDrawing Date:on or about 

Steps to take the survey:

This is a short list of the steps you will need to take the survey.

  1. Make a purchase from Five Guys
  2. Keep your receipt
  3. Within 30 days go to
  4. Enter the info printed on your receipt
  5. Begin the survey
  6. Answer all questions
  7. Rate your visit honestly
  8. Select YES when asked if you would like the enter the Sweepstakes
  9. Enter your current contact information
  10. Submit your survey

Length of the survey:

I’m not going to lie, this survey is a doozy! It may be one of the longest surveys I have ever taken! I would say this survey took me between 10-15 minutes.

Number of Entries:

Another question you may have is “How many times can I enter the Sweepstakes?” You are able to enter every time you have a new receipt to participate in the online survey! So if you go once a week to Five Guys, you can enter once a week!

If you are entering by Mail-In Entry each entry needs to have a different postmark and must be handwritten each time you enter, if you mail in photocopies or if the entry is printed by computer it will not be eligible and will be discarded. 

Types of questions:

After learning how long the survey is you may be wondering, what the heck types of questions are they asking? Well, I personally took this survey and I am going to show you what the survey looks like and some of the questions and ratings you can expect to see when you are taking the survey for yourself! 

Again this is a fairly long survey so I won’t be showing you it in its entirety because it is just too long! But this should still give you the gist of it 🙂 

Go to 

Enter the requested information printed on your receipt and click Start Survey

You will be asked about the time of day you visited, if you ordered online (the app, doordash, uber eats, etc… ) and what type of dining experience you had.

You will be asked how you heard about and decided to eat at Five Guys (heard about them from a friend, social media, an add, etc… ) , whether you are a first time customer, how many people were in your group and how much you spent during your visit.

After you rate your overall experience during your visit to Five Guys you will be asked about the specific menu items you order, you will then be asked to rate each menu item and asked to tell them what you did or didn’t enjoy about each thing you ordered. This part of the survey took the longest.

After you have finished the portion asking about the menu items you ordered, you will then be asked a series of questions about the service you received and how well the Crew Members did. Now in my personal experience the Crew Members did a fantastic job.

After you have gone over all the questions for the service you received you will then be asked to rate the store itself, they will ask about cleanliness, atmosphere, location, upkeep etc… 

Then comes the part where you will be asked several questions about your overall opinion of Five Guys and whether you will come back soon and if you would recommend Five Guys to others. 

This part I found interesting, they want to know where you would have eaten if you hadn’t chosen Five Guys. That is not a common question during a survey, I was glad to see they wanted to know!

When this question pops up be sure to click YES 

And make sure you fill out your correct/current contact information so they will be able to reach you if you are selected as a winner!

After you have entered your contact information they will ask you several demographic questions, each question you are given to option to select “Prefer not to answer” 

Once you have completed the survey you will see this screen confirming that you have submitted it successfully! 


And that’s pretty much the gist of it! It is definitely a long survey, but if you have the time and you enjoy taking surveys it’s worth earning an entry for a $50 gift card! Especially if you love Five Guys 🙂 

Remember, you can earn an entry every time you have a receipt and take the survey, which will help increase your odds of winning AND if you want to enter without making a purchase you can enter by Mail-In Entry!

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