DQFanFeedback.com – Dairy Queen Survey (Free Dilly Bar)

Take the Dairy Queen customer survey at dqfanfeedback.com and receive a coupon for a FREE dilly bar good on your next visit to Dairy Queen! In this post I’ll guide you through the process to get your tasty treat from DQ.

When I pulled into Dairy Queen today to get myself the NEW Ultimate Cookie Blizzard® Treat, which is absolutely delicious BTW! I mean how can you go wrong when combining OREO®, CHIPS AHOY!® and NUTTER BUTTER? 

Anyway as I was saying, when I pulled in I noticed on the marquee out front they were advertising “Ask us how to get a free Dilly Bar!” Naturally being a fan of a good deal AND a lover of a classic treat like the Dilly Bar, I asked them at the counter as I was ordering “How do I get a free Dilly Bar?” 

They told me all I had to do was go online and take the customer feedback survey at DQFanFeedback.com and I would receive a coupon for a free Dilly Bar that I can redeem during my next visit! After hearing that I was like say less! And as I was enjoying my Blizzard I got out my phone and took that survey!

What are the requirements?

The only requirements are either a 10 digit phone number along with the date and time of your visit (which can be found on your receipt) OR a 15 digit survey code (which can also be found on your receipt) 

It should look something like this.

What’s next?

After that you will be asked to verify the location of your visit.

Give them your rating

The next part of the survey will ask you to rate the overall experience of your visit.

What sort of visit was it?

They will then ask what type of visit you had (dine in, carry out or drive thru)

What sorts of things did you order?

After that they will ask what types of things you ordered, from this point the questions they ask will be related to the things you purchased. I only ordered a Blizzard so my questions may vary compared to the ones you may be asked.

Rating the restaurant and the team

The next section will be asking you to rate the overall quality of the items you ordered, the speed and friendliness of the workers and also the cleanliness of the restaurant itself. 

Were there any problems?

Next they will ask if you had any issues during your visit, I didn’t have any trouble during my trip there so the following questions may vary for you if you answer “Yes” to that question.

Will you be returning?

After that they would like to know if you will be returning within the next 30 days and if you would recommend them to others.

Honest feedback

The next section is your opportunity to write about if you had a great experience or any problems or even suggestions in your own words. I never skip these sections when taking surveys because I think the companies really do read and appreciate the feedback from their customers.


This part of the survey they would like to know if you got a Blizzard and if it met the flip test standards!

How about the App?

Next they would like to know if you ordered using the mobile App, I did not use the app so your next questions may be different than mine.

Take a Note

This is the end of the survey, this is where your validation code will be and you will need to take a note of that code on your receipt so you will be able to use it to redeem for a free Dilly Bar at your next visit!

That’s it!

I hope this guide will help you navigate through the DQFanFeedback survey process, the main takeaways are be honest about your experience AND DON’T FORGET to take note of your validation code onto your receipt so you are able to redeem it for your free Dilly Bar on your next visit to Dairy Queen!

More ways to save

Before I go I wanted to remind you of another way you are able to save and earn rewards. That being the DQ Mobile App by downloading the App you will receive exclusive rewards, perks, coupons and more! You will also be able to check the App for current deals/ offerings that aren’t always advertised at the restaurants, so it really is your best bet when trying to snag the best deals.

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