Customer Feedback Surveys: Worth It or Waste of Time?

We’ve all seen those survey invitations at the top or bottom of our receipts, “Win $500 by participating in our customer survey at…” or “Tell us what you think and get a free coupon for free food!”. But are they really worth your time? How long do they take, and do you really get rewarded?

That’s what I want to dive into with this post, so let’s get to it!

What are customer feedback surveys?

Customer feedback surveys are a company’s way to engage with their customers, to learn what their customers enjoy about their experience while shopping, eating, seeing a movie or even going to an amusement park. It’s also how they learn what their customers DO NOT like about their experience! Each company that creates their own customer feedback survey is working to improve their product, store, restaurant, etc… 

Is it worth my time to participate in a survey?

Absolutely! Most surveys take around 5 minutes to complete (no time at all really) and lots of them offer a reward for participating, things like FREE food, coupons, discounts,sweepstakes, gift cards and more! If you like to save money and/or earn yourself FREE things customer satisfaction surveys are a great way to do it!

Why should I take a customer survey?

Taking a customer feedback survey can be really good for both you and the company. It allows you to voice your opinions and experiences, which can encourage the company to improve products or services. If you have the time and are willing to share your thoughts, it could be worth participating in a survey.

Are all surveys legit?

Unfortunately NO, sometimes you may receive an invite through an email or a link on a website that could lead you to a fake survey page. But if you have a receipt from a recent purchase that has a survey printed on it, it is definitely LEGIT! 

Top ten reasons to take a survey

Here are ten reasons why you should consider taking a customer feedback survey:

1. Influence Improvement: When you participate in a company’s survey your opinions could help influence them to make improvements to food, products, store appearance, customer service, etc… 

2. Voice Your Opinion: A customer feedback survey is your chance to offer your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions directly to the company!

3. Shape Future Experiences: By taking a survey you could help improve future experiences for yourself and other customers, hopefully leading to a better overall experience for everyone!

4. Enhance Product Quality: When you share your feedback about products you use (whether good or bad) it can help the company understand where they can make improvements to products or if they should keep the products the same!

5. Resolve Issues: If you’ve had a bad experience with a product or service, participating in the survey is your chance to bring these problems to the company’s attention, making it more likely they will do something to resolve the issue.

6. Feel Valued: Companies often use customer feedback to show appreciation for their customers and demonstrate that their opinions matter, by reaching out by phone or through email to touch base about concerns or to let you know they appreciate your positive feedback.

7. Receive Special Offers: Companies sometimes offer incentives or rewards for completing their surveys, such as FREE items, discounts, coupons, or entries into sweepstakes.

8. Improve Customer Service: Feedback on customer service helps companies learn about areas they can make improvements and how to provide better support in the future.

9. Contribute to Innovation: Your insights could help create new ideas within the company, leading to new products or services that may better meet your needs.

10. Build Relationships: Engaging with a company through feedback surveys can help build a stronger relationship between you and the brand, if the company reaches out to you personally or rewards you for your time and insights that brand may become one you trust and stay loyal too. 

What surveys have rewards?

While some surveys reward you for your time and insights, not all are created equal! Next I will list my favorite surveys that have rewards AND what those rewards are, so you will have a better idea of where you may like to spend your time when taking customer feedback surveys!

  1. Culver’ FREE single scoop dish or cone
  2. Dunkin or (these both seem to lead to the same survey): FREE Donut with purchase of medium drink
  3. Dairy FREE Dilly Bar
  4. McDonald’ BOGO ANY sandwich of equal or lesser value
  5. Burger FREE Whopper or Classic Chicken Sandwich
  6. Jack in the BOGO Jumbo Jack or Supreme Croissant 
  7. Twistee BOGO ANY size cone
  8. Firehouse FREE drink with purchase of sub PLUS $500 sweepstakes
  9. FREE short-stack of pancakes
  10. FREE burger with purchase of medium drink and fry

Who is eligible to take feedback surveys?

Any legal resident of the United States who is also 14 years of age or older is able to participate in a customer feedback survey! If the survey is running a sweepstakes you must be 18 years of age or older. Employees, their immediate family and/or members of their same household will not be eligible to participate. 

Will my information be safe?

If you are asked to provide personal information, such as your name, address and phone number. That information will be used for contact purposes only. It will never be sold or shared without your consent. ALSO please remember customer feedback surveys NEVER ask for drivers licenses, credit card information or your social security number. If you are asked to provide that information you are not on a legitimate website, exit the site immediately!

Let’s sum it up!

As we’ve gone over through this post, customer feedback surveys are an important tool that companies implement as a way to engage their customers and learn valuable information about their customers’ experiences with their services or products. By providing your insights through a customer feedback survey you will be helping yourself and customers like you through the changes that could be made from your feedback! 

Many sites reward you for participating in their surveys with FREE items, coupons, discounts and sweepstakes! Those companies are trying their best to let you know your opinions are valuable!

Not all surveys are legit so be alert before accepting an invite through your email or when clicking links on websites, if you are asked to provide sensitive information (credit card, drivers license, or social security numbers) leave that site immediately!

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