Check Your Receipts, Some of Them Might Pay!

Does anyone else seem to have a ridiculous amount of receipts lying around your cars, on your desk or in your pockets? No? Just me? 

So here’s the thing, I have been traveling a lot lately and a by-product of that has been eating at all sorts of fast food restaurants (I know it’s bad don’t remind me) but I have been sorting through all these piles of receipts and I noticed that a really good portion of them offer all sorts of rewards for taking their customer feedback surveys, downloading their apps or signing up for their rewards programs.

I grabbed a few of them and tried out a few of the different ways you can earn rewards. 

My Favorite – Apps

Now I’ll admit, I did end up with a favorite option. My personal choice for the best way to earn rewards are the Apps, they are easy to download and sign up for, super simple to use and give some of the best rewards when you use them regularly. 

Each place I go to that offers an App, will probably be a place I will end up going to more often. A lot of the time the Apps let you order online and use drive up to pick up your order, and I don’t know about you but that is automatically going to make my day better!

Most of the Apps I have used do a points system, so the more you use the app to order and pay the more points you earn towards your rewards (e.g. Free menu items and coupons) the McDonalds App is my favorite for ease of use and biggest rewards!

Second Place – Customer Surveys

My runner-up in the rewards system will have to go to… Customer Feedback Surveys. Many of them do offer decent rewards, and most of the time they put the info about what you will get and where to go on their receipts in a mostly easy-to-see place.

You do need to save the receipt or at least take a picture of it with your phone, because you will need the info on there to be able to access the survey.

Once you get into the survey they can be a bit boring, but just keep in mind you will get something for your efforts! 

Remember not all Feedback surveys are created equal, some only offer a small coupon while some not only give you free items but also entry into sweepstakes! Of course, you would have to fill out a lot of surveys to have a good shot at winning, but one entry is better than none!

Last But Not Least – Rewards Programs

Rewards Programs, while I may have put this as my last choice it is not because it isn’t a great option, it’s just one I tend to lose track of my rewards easily… 

I have signed up for so many rewards programs over the years my promotions folder in my Email is always jam-packed! 

Sometimes there are fantastic deals that are emailed to me, but I don’t see them until way after they have already expired!

So an important thing to remember when becoming a member of a Rewards Program is to keep a close eye on your email, sometimes they end up in Spam, Social or the Promotions folders, and don’t always make their way into the inbox!

Have I helped?

I hope that I have helped you see the different ways you can earn rewards from your favorite places, and maybe you can learn from my mistakes when it comes to rewards program emails! 

So whether you sign up for an app, fill out a survey or become a rewards member now you’ll know you are on your way to earning some great rewards!

Be sure to leave a comment down below with any questions or comments you have, I’d love to hear from you!

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